Listening to Frank Carlberg play piano – and you can pick any recording, if you haven’t seen him live – one is immediately struck by the overriding effect of his performance as being one of liberation and inevitability. He a one of the most exciting improvisers, an intellect of the highest order, yet his edict is never chaos instead of music and his great originality is reflected in everything that he does, be it a composition, a performance or …Thelonious Monk.
- Raul Da Gama, CODA Magazine/Downbeat

"The pianist’s writing and versatility come across like line drawings which break a solid page of text in a publication. Thematic links to Thelonious Monk’s crooked time sense and Herbie Nichols’ joyous abandon , allow Carlberg to create a space where bop, cool and free impulses intersect.”
- Ken Waxman, The Whole Note

"Frank Carlberg is pushing boundaries and we will be watching closely"
- Steve Williams, UKVibe