uncivilized ruminations cover

Available June 14, 2011 on Red Piano Records

About Uncivilized Ruminations:

Pianist/composer Frank Carlberg continues his fecund meditations on contemporary American and European poetry with his new CD from Red Piano Records, “Uncivilized Ruminations,” featuring regular band-mates vocalist extraordinaire Christine Correa, saxophonists Chris Cheek and John O’Gallagher, bassist John Hebert and Michael Sarin on drums.

The works Mr. Carlberg has chosen for this opus are characterized by a trenchant humor that is deftly mordant albeit never arch or outright sarcastic… a series of poetic asides, if you will, just this side of aphoristic, that highlight a range of fractal truths rising out of this particular juncture of time and “the great whatever it is out there.”

In many of these poems the tongue may indeed be buried in the cheek somewhat but it sure ain’t found no home sweet home there, not by a long shot.

The tastes left in ones mouth, so to speak, behind these bittersweet reflections, are not so much “bad tastes” but rather reminders of what it takes, in terms of courage, wit, to sally forth and muddle through this selva absurda that exacerbates our focus and keeps us on our toes, “ears to the ground,” “eyes peeled,” “nose to the grind stone,” all elements of Mr. Carlberg’s insightful hermeneutic sense.

If there is an absurdist bent to Mr. Carlberg’s settings it lies not so much in an existential angst-edged psycho-drama but rather in a pure appreciation of the heft and intentions of the language: the shaded possibilities of under-meanings and a kind of poise that clarifies the poem’s postures toward reality – and in so doing he becomes the poem’s partner as opposed to the poet’s.

Available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/frankcarlberg2