CLAZZ ENSEMBLE/FRANK CARLBERG-Federico On Broadway released on RPR!

Federico On Broadway-CLAZZ ENSEMBLE/Frank Carlberg

The Amsterdam-based CLAZZ ENSEMBLE and pianist/composer Frank Carlberg meet somewhere at the crossroads of cinema, carnivals, the circus, 20th (and 21st) century classical music, childhood remembrances and tie it all together with the spirit of jazz. CLAZZ ENSEMBLE seems like the ideal partner to navigate and realize the knotty nooks and crannies of Carlberg’s tricky scores, and they do it with great éclat.

CLAZZ ENSEMBLE, the brainchild of trumpeter Gerard Kleijn and saxophonist Dick de Graaf, is a “small” Big Band. It features many of the leading Dutch improvisers and instrumentalists, but their deeper commitment is to make music collectively which they do here splendidly. In addition to Carlberg, CLAZZ ENSEMBLE has commissioned works from luminaries in new music such as Louis Andriessen, Jacob Ter Veldhuis and Michael Moore. CLAZZ ENSEMBLE is at the forefront of European new music.

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