featuring Kirk Knuffke, John Carlson, Dave Smith, Jonathan Powell, Alan Ferber, Brian Drye, Chris Washburne, Max Seigal, John O’Gallagher, Jeremy Udden, Sam Sadigursky, Adam Kolker, Brian Landrus, Christine Correa, Frank Carlberg, Johannes Weidenmueller, Michael Sarin, Paul Lichter and JC Sanford

MONK DREAMS, HALLUCINATIONS AND NIGHTMARES, the new large ensemble recording from Frank Carlberg (on Red Piano Records), draws its inspiration from the work of Thelonious Monk. The album taps into the atmosphere and orbit of Monk; infected by, informed by, in awe of Monk, and presented as an act of love and respect. The pieces generate their shapes from splinters, cells and feelings found in and around Monk’s music, as well as from his verbal utterances in the form of advice and/or cryptic observations. MONK DREAMS, HALLUCINATIONS AND NIGHTMARES is not intended as a tribute album, but rather as, "a celebration of the beauty and vitality of his music that has impacted me profoundly," explained Frank Carlberg. "I thought it fitting to present this recording during the Monk Centennial year, 2017.” Why Monk? Carlberg explains: “For me, a Monk-inspired project is quite personal. Monk’s music has been central to my musical life from very early on. The clarity of his thought, the uncompromising nature of his art, the emotional impact Monk’s music has made on me; this recording is a culmination of all these elements, and being able to record this music with these remarkable musicians is really a dream come true for me!”

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Frank Carlberg’s Word Circus - NO MONEY IN ART
Christine Correa-voice
John O’Gallagher-alto sax
Frank Carlberg-piano
Pascal Niggenkemper-bass
Michael Sarin-drums

Word Circus is a collection of musical settings of poems by contemporary American writers such as Ron Padgett, Jim Gustafson, Ken Mikolowski and Anselm Hollo. Carlberg gives some insight in to the background of Word Circus:"This project, my 11th CD devoted to settings of poetry, is a follow-up release to the 2015 Word Circus recording. Poems on No Money In Art are thought provoking range from light and humorous to existential musings, to meditative ruminations on the state of our world. No Money In Art is the culmination in my work with American poets, which has continued for the past twenty-plus years, beginning with the release of The Crazy Woman on Accurate Records in 1995."


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